Six Flags

I went to Six Flags. It is very fun . I went to the sea lion show. It was cute and funny and one of the sea lion’s name was Lulu.  Lulu was little and was just sitting around when I saw her.. I also went on a water ride. I do not remember what it was called, but it was fun. There are waterfalls and sometimes you get to go under them.  I went on a ride called Cobra. It is such a fast…

Dance Vs. Gymnastics By Simone and Lucy

Simone’s Purpose: is to convince you that gymnastics is better then dance. I think gymnastics is the best sport. Lucy’s Purpose: is to convince you that dance is better the gymnastics. I think dance is the best sport. Reason ( Simone ): I think gymnastics is the best sport because gymnastics includes flexibility, great balance and great skills. Example ( Simone ): For instance, I am learning my back flip and my back walkover on the high beam. Reason ( Lucy ): Well, I think…

Hackaball Coolest invention 2015

The Hackaball helps kids learn computer skills like programming and coding by playing games. I thought it was cool that the hackaball could be programmed to change colors and be set to different modes. It would be really fun to play hot potato with the hacakball.


Hi my name is Blue the dog. My owner thinks  I’am big. but I don’t think so. If you want to know what kind of dog I am, I’am a lab. My owners have to walk me all the time. I hate baths. I do not know why they give me baths and I love to sleep. So that is my life!      

Girl Scouts

I went to girl scouts. It was fun. You probaly want to know what I did.  So at Girl Scouts we went on a field trip to Market of choice. We got a tour and we saw someone frost a cake. They were good at frosting the cake at market of choice.  We went in a room and we made food. I made hummus with my friend. It was so fun but hard too. Then we went back to our houses. Do you like girl…

My Resolutions

  1 read 90 minutes every day 2 eat more fruits and vegetables 3 care about others and not just myself 4 watch less television 5 set the table with out being asked 6 walk my dog more 7 clean up after I am done play with my toys 8 make my bed more 9 do the things my parents asked me to do 10 be better at homework


Hi, I am here to tell you  how to make a kindness chain. First you get a piece of paper. Then you do something kind for someone. Next you write down the kind thing you did. Then you find the chain and loop it around. Next you glue it on and that is how you make a kindness chain.